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GeoSync Microwave

An Introduction, Background and Capabilities

More then a decade ago, a group of talented RF design engineers each with many years of experience in satellite communications product design came together under the leadership of Arthur Faverio to form GeoSync Microwave. Mr. Faverio was a founder of MITEQ and created the MITEQ satcom products business unit. With the combination of the superior engineering team and Mr. Faverio’s management experience, the GeoSync team set out to create a company that would innovate advanced RF communications products directed specifically to its customers needs and the customer challenges being faced.

To accomplish such a significant objective requires a broad range of engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Indeed, the GeoSync engineering team’s expertise covers the entire range of critical RF design and production requirements; covering from VHF to V-band, MMIC and component applications, CAD and Lab software utilization, frequency synthesis and frequency conversion, control and communications software, circuit design integration and packaging. All those resources come together in the GeoSync product manufactured by our skilled team and rigorously tested in our environmental test facility in our new 20k square foot plant in Hauppauge, NY.

Using all the foregoing capabilities has enabled GeoSync to consistently grow year over year and to achieve a leadership position in RF product technology, and at the same time expand its product lines. Always foremost, the Company continues its commitment to serving it customers and providing superior technical solutions to their unique needs. Over the years the GeoSync business strategy has enabled the company to count among its customers nearly every major; Satellite Communications Providers, Satcom Systems (OEM) manufacturers, Department of Defense satcom agencies and similar National Security Agencies, and many DOD satcom primes and subcontractors.

Today the Company continues to seek and solve the difficult and unique challenges using the expertise and experience acquired over the years. GeoSync continues to support the satcom community and is now to expanding into new markets and opportunities. Our product and engineering expertise in; frequency conversion, frequency sources and synthesis, low noise amplifiers, RF switching circuits and filtering, MMIC application, circuit design and large scale integration and packaging are ideally suited to provide products solutions needed for EW Systems, RF 5G millimeter links, airborne and ship borne comms, custom test equipment and instrumentation RF front ends, etc. Whatever the RF challenge or requirement, call upon GeoSync the solution.

We look forward to serving you.

Product Emphasis

  • High reliability
  • Fully contained RF modules allowing small size for "stand alone" modules.
  • Inclusion of “optional performance offering” into standard units.
  • Custom designs for customers offered at reasonable cost.

Our Facility

320 Oser Ave, Hauppauge, NY

  • 1500 square feet of modern office space
  • 8500 square feet of manufacturing and lab space
  • Engineering design aids
  • Assembly and test facilities
  • Prototype machining
  • Inventory/manufacturing control

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